About Us



As principal of the company I would like to briefly introduce myself and outline the company’s capabilities.

I have over 30 years experience in the field of Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering, which I like to refer to, collectively as Maritime Engineering. My education was in the UK at the University of Southampton, where I received a first in Civil Engineering and a PhD specialising in the Maritime field. The PhD involved the development of one of the first programmable wave generators for the simulation of sea state in the laboratory.

Following that a wide variety of experience with consultants and contractors was obtained. I worked on a variety of projects including site work on a large Nuclear Sub-marine base in the UK and some design aspects of ports and harbours in South America and the Middle East.

In 2004 I completed 25 years as a senior lecturer in the Dept. of Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland. This period involved much consultancy work as well as teaching and research.

Following my time at the University of Auckland I set up Colin Christian Ltd., to act as a vehicle for my consulting activity.

Time Marches on and I am now semi-retired, not actively consulting,but if you have an interesting or difficult problem please contact me.

Dr Colin D Christian