This site shows our capabilities and areas of expertise as well as illustrating some past projects. It is some time since this was first put up on the web. We have not been actively consulting for the last few years and this site may be taken down at some stage.

However we can provide a range of services in these coastal and OceanEngineering field if required. These include environmental impact reports for resouirce management approvals. Some other capabilities include, detailed studies for hydraulic and sedimentation studies relating to marinas and coastal erosion. We have expert knowledge in the field of both physical and numerical modelling relating to wave refraction, diffraction and shoaling, sediment transport and coastal erosion.

Telephone: +64 (0)9 575 9201
Mobile: 021 774 775
email: c3e@c3e.co.nz   
web: www.c3e.co.nz